Friday, September 19, 2014

Armor Update VIII

Torso armor's pretty much finished! :D I took some photos of Hrist in her armor to use for that VolksUSA contest. Photo I submitted can be found on VolksUSA's Facebook page. Dirrect link to the image. "Hrist's Armor submission photo
Hoping to maybe win one of the heads for a possible Lenneth dollfie someday >_>; It's always nice to dream about future projects though. :)

Depending on my crappy budget, I am hoping to order her last gauntlet some time this month, if not. definitely next month. I plan to order a test demo band for her helmet, I think that'll be my next part I work on.  Which will have to push my modeling skills even further, it being Hrist's cornerstone piece, so to speak. My biggest worry right now is dollfie heads are big by nature, big head = bigger helmet X_X So hopefully it won't look to ridiculous.

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