Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lidia Portrait Render

Render of the background took 18 hours to render using just two cores.  I made a few enhancements to my green screen background. Did I ever blog on that first attempt? X_X I'm sure I did somewhere here in the past. Using some cheap green sheet cloth.  I angled the lighting differently to backlight the green, and it seemed to produce better results. I have more to try for the next time I do a project like this. Lots of fun too! I like working on this stuff better then painting props haha. But I still hate modeling X_X I'll have to make a better scene sometime. I did forget how slow a process 3D work actually is X_X modeling and texturing are always time sinks.
I might get a print made of this portrait, but sorry Lidia, it's not poster material yet!

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