Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hat Work I

Not sure what happened to my first photo before I put the back flap on. Looked like Hrist was a soilder/helmet thing going on. Was most amusing for me to look at.

Hat work is going well... or was. I don't even care how straight those stitches are right now I was barely able to cram that thing in my sewing machine. I might rip them out later and hand stitch..... probably not, but I might. Working on stuff that's 5inches in diameter with my big ol'hands sure sucks... I might skip out on the 3D design for the forward piece. I'll see. maybe after a break, I can always go back. Wish I knew for sure though cause a red stipe has to go vertical if I do use it... it's be easier to sew that in now vs later.... hmmm :X

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