Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hrist's 3D Printed Main Armor

Big updates today!!! Exciting news, at least for me, Hrist's main body armor arrived, and actually fit, better then I expected! *phew* Now if I don't F-up the paint job on this project I'll be quiet happy, not to mention Hrist too ;)

Lots of work to do on this for painting. I'll have my work cut out for me with sanding and stuff.

All the parts that arrived including the flap, not shown in the image below. One of Lidia's painted side pads, and the microphone painted! :) Sadly I realized I really need an airbrush for those obscure colors. doing a hand painted brush job, really ticked me off, putting it in nice terms... >_> I had to put on slightly thicker paint then I wanted to, which washed out some details in the bulb area in order to prevent brush streaks X_X
Bag on the left is all the various pieces that attach to the main armor. Middle bag is a reprint of her upper arm armor that I completely remodeled in pieces rather then a complete unit to make painting less frustrating.

Luckly Lidia was already semi-apart (being cleaned and her new outfit/update being still made) so I was able to use her to quickly test out the size and fitting of the armor.

Thankfully it all seemed to fit just well! :D Lidia was able to sit, and move her legs. All I need to do now is eventually order the hip plates now that it seems to work and I'll be ready for the sewing part, or I might just start on the sewing part soon anyway >_> hmm... :S

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