Friday, February 27, 2015

Arizona Matsuri 2015

Another year, another Matsuri!

Little bit delayed in making my post for this event on my blog here. :S Sure was a fun time though! Lots of exciting stuff this year. I didn't remember the Koi fish pool last year. But was a welcome sight for me to see.

Lidia also showed up for her first dollmeet attendance. Seemed a little mundane for her, but Hrist was around.

My favorite Taiko drum group was back putting on another amazing performance this year! Tons of fun to watch them perform.

Arrived early enough this year to watch some of the kendo demonstrations. Lidia wasn't to amused watching people bop other people with wooden sticks on the head, but it was rather fun to watch for me. :)

Hrist spent the bulk majority of the time riding around in the 'pack'
Definitely a lot of fun this year, already can't wait for next year!

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