Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dollfie Halloween Meet 2015

This is always my favorite meet of the year. Luckily I was able to get this day off, not by request, but some freak stroke of luck that they picked this day to be the day of the meet.
A really huge turn out too this year.

Hrist went this year again, while Lidia chose to stay at home once again this year. Lidia's always got better things to be doing then finding time to socialize, or attempt to anyway. Hrist was surprised that there were no real shenanigans at this meet. It was probably the most normal meet she's ever been too, aside from the annual matsuri festival...

Cheap strobe light fun.

Lots of great fun this year and nice decorating for the event. Not to mention the good food, or junk food that was available at the party! Think I might have over indulged a bit to much... :P

Hrist really thought this pikachu outfit was quiet adorable.

I'll be posting more photos on when I get around to it. 

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