Monday, October 5, 2015

Lidia - Project II - Poster

At long last! My poster project is complete! Before I have my 11x14 print made I plan to do a quick test print at the print studio to make sure the colors are satisfactory. This project has been a ton of fun for me. Loved every minute of it. Wish I had more patience to do more like this.
The background plate was 3D modeled and Rendered.

Total render-time was 98 hours on my system. at 7125x9500px
Didn't track post production time, It was a lot of on and offs though.

Bit of information about the scene, for those that might be interested.
Lidia's about to engage in battle with a Baalur general.One of the the denizens of the abyss in my novel series I've been writing.

Discussing building custom BJD's lately has just made me want to create a BJD Baalur just so Lidia can have something to beat up in her spare time. haha Slap some LED lights in his head for a nice glow effect.

Lidia Behind the scenes.
Cleaning up some of the green-screen plate.

Someday I do hope to get the chance to do a poster scene of Hrist in either Asgard or Valhalla. Definitely a wishlist for future projects for me.

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