Monday, April 11, 2016

Arizona Bike Week 2016

Another great year! This year, was one of the best I've had in a long time. Could it have been due to the amazing weather? Probably! Haha! The events seemed really small this year however, and the booths were more packed in. It just didn't seem as big this year as in years prior at West World.

Where the fun and experience was slightly lacking at West World, the event rides sure made up for it! Friday was the annual charity ride I do, and wow what a day, the weather was just perfect! On my way through Pine, we got hit by a hail storm, followed by some of the heaviest and biggest rain drops I'd ever seen. Upon arriving at Strawberry, Rose looked like a hot mess, muddied out and wet. I'm sure I looked no better. So much fun though. This year I spiced it up and broke off from the main group to do my own photo thing, and even managed to get in some hiking too. I really needed the time to relax. Don't think I'll be having any more days off for quite a while so making the best of what time I had, sure was priority. Haha.

I'll probably post some photos in a week or so, need to find time to sort through over 1000 photos.

Till next time! :D

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