Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hrist - Armor Work II

Phew, got a bit busy and spaced out on taking photos as usual X_X I did manage to correct, and get the order placed on the new gauntlets using the correct, or hopefully correct length this time.  Darn long forearm dollfies! :P
Didn't realize Hrist's arm has some dirt on it that needs cleaning... :X
I could have just let it go as is... but it would drive me completely insane knowing it should be longer X_X

Heres some photos in this post of the armor! Some people, have random doll heads in mason jars, while me... I just have random doll arms laying around. ;P 

Again, I'm not planning on painting these anytime soon, but on a good note, the gauntlets I can use to experiment with, on other methods of painting, or casting, and what not since they have no other current, or future use, better to find some use for them I think. ;)

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