Saturday, May 17, 2014

Embroidery Work

Lots of fun working on this stuff. Looks like total crap and epic fail after I saw these photos, must keep telling myself it's a learning process -_- At this point i'm starting to get that sick feeling I'll stick with the original crappy non embroidered version I made and chuck this current one. Hopefully I can stay focused to finish this one up to even make it to that point though X_X
The project was looking pretty decent here. Lost track of how much floss I've burned through on this.

Then I saw this photo and cringed X_X Hopefully it looks better once it's all sewn up X_X But I dunno. The top area will have some goldwork added onto it, as well as the base, I'll use my oldschool favorite gold trim for that part, might shine it up some I hope. Next time I do stringy stuff I'll use pearl purl for it. If only I could find a place out here that sells it, so I can see exactly what size I need. Seems to be sold overseas mainly X_X
Might be time to draft up a new gown for Hrist here soon with some embroidery >_>

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