Friday, May 30, 2014

Hrist's Gown Part I

Well, crafters ADD hit me hard, I started a new project -_- I've been drafting up a new outfit for Hrist over the past week, maybe a bit more, I lost track, but it looks to be another new gown for her. Hopefully it won't turn out to gaudy, I've got some nice ideas in mind for this one. Not idea if my skill levels able to process what I have in mind though X_X

Pattern Drafting.
I've got a pretty solid idea of what I'm planning to make. So currently I am drafting out fitting pattern pieces, this project might be big, as I have currently over 20 parts on draft at the moment, which needs some alterations and adjustments to be made over the next few days...
Bought the fabric already for this gown. And am contemplating adding some custom hand embroidery to this project as well. I'll see how things go before I opt in for that task...

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