Friday, June 6, 2014

Hrist's Gown Part III

Some updates for Hrist, I received her new hands from Volks the other day and couldn't wait to dive into this project. I decided to not print 3D hands as of now... it seemed more efficient to just modify the hands and still get the vinyl feel to it as well. Plus I can paint her nails too for her ;)
Paint cure + Viynl's kinda wonky too so far. Few concerns I have with this, but time will tell. :) Back to waiting on paint to dry...

 Shown here, is the first coat on after the primer, plus the armor plates added to the thumb. Wrinkles will be more smoothed out eventually, I wanted a relaxed fabric look through out the gloves. Pretty excited how this will turn out in the end.

As for Hrist's other project... it's a massive one. as usual. >_> Hrist never settles for anything less!

 This project, I'm doing a liner for. I also wound up recreating her dummy profile for a bit more 'fitted' Even with all this new stuff, I think my sewing still sucks hardcore though. X_X But it is what it is.

 Embroidery work for the main sleave part.

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