Monday, June 23, 2014

Hrist's Gown Part V

Lots of work lately, I think I'm barely sleeping with this project >_> Might be slightly effecting my job too, dazing off thinking about the gown and what to do next... Not a good combination. But work is definitely progressing rather swiftly. I haven't had a chance to take many photos, and those that I have, I can't stay focused long enough to transfer them to the PC and get them ready for posting :X so! The next post should have some photos of the project so far :D I'm debating on keeping it a little bit 'black' atm since there's a doll-meet this up coming Saturday I'd like to be able to unveil this project there... but only if I can manage to get it finished :X

Anyway, next post will have photos! :D And more news.

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