Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hrist's Gown Part IV

Some new updates for Hrist's gauntlets and custom hands. Works nearly 90% done! All that's left is refining and adding a final protective coating on. All these photos were taken with flash, which makes it look a lot more glossy then it actually is at the moment... >_>

 Both shown in the photo below, I had to re-bore out the upper armor just a bit to allow it to fit on easier. Everything fit perfectly. Really liking how the gloves have turned out so far. I'll have to buy a second pair of sword hands for Lidia soon so I can modify them as well.

Now, for the main news with the new outfit! Hrist's new outfit is pretty much under full work now, any ounce of free time (which is extremely few) I've had lately has been dumped into work on it. Starting to get excited about this project, hopefully it turns out as well in the end...

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