Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hrist's Helmet II

Nice surprise waiting for me when I arrived home from work today, a really big box with parts for a helmet inside! :D

Fit perfectly on Hrist! Details printed out great, however! One minor snag, I realized I forgot to model in a certain thing...that know one buy myself is probably going to notice. Next free day I get, I'll be spending modeling a clip to go over the area where it needs to be. As is the helmet looks fine as is, but if I don't do this extra piece, it'll drive me crackers knowing I know it should be there but it isn't X_X Which will also result in a minor alteration. All in all what I did was cross her VP1 helmet with her VP2 helmet accidentally >_>;

Tomorrow, it's primer time!
I also had another tea cup ordered for Lidia :) I'm thinking of making it a jet black tea cup for her >_>;

Further note! I think Hrist's armor budget has just reached that of a brand new dollfie. :P

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