Monday, April 6, 2015

Hrist Face-up v7

Here we go!
Version 7.
Think I like this for now... all I need to do is make her new eyes... Everything else, seems to sit well for my tastes. That could change by tomorrow though X_X

Best of all no wild mistakes cropped up with this faceup so I can rest a bit easier knowing I won't be omg that spot from pastel dust! D: or over spray haha. I did wind up adding in eyelashes from Volks as well.

And with the wig on, she didn't look super sad/depressed like version 6 did.

Hrist: What...what's this? A little Nagato!?
Hrist: Sho cute! Okay, so she's not exactly a squirrel... hah-ha!

Hrist's new friend also arrived. :)
What other plans are ahead? I'm sort of working on a new 3D sword. Dunno if it will be printed or not, but it might be a fun project if I does.

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