Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hrist Face-up v6

Hrist Version 6 was underway! Yup, my sixth iteration of her... one can never truely be happy with your custom creations, especially with your own stuff, like Lidia X_X I will redo her face someday too.  But for now Hrist... back in the spotlight.
So what's new? My 5th 02 head... sheesh X_X I got a lot of heads. but this time hopefully will be the last time, my 6th attempt at least I think it's my 6th.... might have lost track D: dunno but I'm calling this #6... is finished or was finished... a day later I didn't like it and wound up wiping it completely and am now on #7... why you ask? well everything was going super well.. I didn't do cheek blush this time, found out I like a subtle amount.  The lips were way to big, and Hrist just had this weary, sad, tired with life look on her face. It just wasn't the Hrist I know. So I wound up doing redoing the head again...aiming for a slightly more mean rough look to her eyes.

Also I did add her new eyes I custom made for her! I love the new eyes. Sadly I botched them up and am awaiting for new blanks.... but they look O_O to me, and that's a first haha. They reflect light and have a metallic gold shimmer to them. How fitting for Hrist I think.  What do you think of the eyes? :S Hopefully after v7 and the new eyes I'll be finally done with Hrist's head...
Next post should be v7! :D

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