Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lidia Arrives

Lidia's body arrived today! :D So much work to do with her, and I haven't even started on her face-up! :O I'll have to see how Hrist's old 18mm blanks work on Lidia till the new eyes arrive, if they ever do... Poofies still waiting on a reply from that company -_- Which is taking more then a week it seems :/  18mm's may work good with Lidia, really won't know till I try >_>; 

Anyway, I went with Aoi v2 for my body template, I know... probably a waste of money since I had to buy a M-Bust for Lidia, no way she's an L, L-Bust is pretty huge, not crazy huge like DDy's but huge enough to be wtf o_O But! I wanted Aoi's default head and hair set. Main reason I bought an Aoi, and I have to say, from what I can see through her box window, she's has a cute face-up :) which now brings me to a total of 3 02 heads >_> such a great universal head though for my style of characters. Not really a fan of most Volks heads sadly :(
Eventually I'll get around to opening the box once I get these paint projects cleaned up and have a nice clean working environment for a new Dollfie.

Currently working on Lidia's ammo packs. I still need to finish last minute details on Hrist's Halloween outfit which looks to be her main 'new' outfit once I finish it up. Put so much work into it, I think I'll use it for more of a main outfit, not to mention I like the results so far :P That could change once a new idea for an outfit comes along though! haha but till then... ;)

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