Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hrist's Shoulder Armor I

Hrist's shoulder armor arrived the other day. Quicker then I expected! Looked like a good fit on preliminary test. I'm excited to jump into this project. Also my surprise project arrived with this order as well, and has full function from the designs I added for this 'secret' project. I'll have more information on this in mid February most likely :) For now though! Hrist's shoulder armor productions underway! :D This project was rather fun on the modeling end as I pretty much entirely used Zbrush for it's construction and details, which held up rather well on smaller scale print.

I'm going to try out an experimental process I stumbled on during a painting accident on I had on a prior project. Got my fingers crossed it may be a bit more effect, if not more disastrous. X_X Won't know till I try though at least.
As for the colors I'm going to jump ship on Hrist's  VP2 dark purple theme for a VP1 jet black metal. A decision I'm making mainly due to the fact I can't seem to locate a hue of purple that will work, and not look like Silmeria's purple... not to mention black from VP1 looks a lot nicer I personally think. :)

Prototype rendering of the armor
Expect more details on this project in the next week or two. I'll be converting her arm armor in the up coming weeks also to get those prepared for printing.
Lots going on this month! Waiting on Lidia's new head to arrive hopefully by the end of this week as well. Face-up time!

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