Monday, January 27, 2014

Lidia Face-up

Lidia got a complete overhaul today. A brand new DDH-07 head with face-up. Feel like I'm getting better with painting doll heads. Wish I could tame down the shaky hands a bit more though :P

 I wasn't quiet expecting the 07 to have so much volume in the jawline area, as compared to Hrist's 02. Makes the head feel a lot bigger, even though the head caps are pretty much the same, if not smaller. All the volume in the 07 seems to be centralized in the jaw area. I do like the larger gap between the eyes. This made installing the eyes a breeze. Lots of room to work with.

Block in and lets get this crap started! What disasters await?

Here we go with the final painting before sealing.

Special thanks to AnimatorAR for giving Lidia a white head cap!
Overall this project was hastle free, problem free and went smoothly.... big shock I know O_O
I did try some doll eyelashes in the eyes. I did like the look and feel, but... the lashes seemed to long. and when the eyes were put in the angled downward. That just drove me nuts. So I took them out, and for the time being no lashes...

Hair on! Ugh, time to tame this stuff down. Getting Lidia's hair just right seems to be a mission impossible challenge for me. I think I utterly suck with styling. What's more sad is the hairstyle is just a simple bob -_- Ah well, always something to do.

Lashes and bad hair... oh my!
The above photo was taken with the eyelashes still in. I tamed her hair just a bit... but the way the lashes were angled it just wasn't appealing to me X_X It did add a nice toned down feel to the eyes with those cast shadows the lashes gave. but other then that... not sure.

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