Friday, January 3, 2014

Commission Sword Work III

Phew at long last, the swords are complete! Now to let them dry for 48 hours. I couldn't wait that long to take photos though. I might make some minor adjustments on them once they completely dry. I still need to find out if my client wants me to get those chains for the sword bases or not.
Lidia and Hrist posing with the new blades.
Most issues have been corrected. I went with a duller metal color for these blades, mainly cause the reflective chrome paint I was using, made ever bump from WSF show up like a serious sore thumb on camera.
I'm pretty happy with the end results, still think my painting sucks big time though X_X Might have been easier with an airbrush if I only had one of those X_X

Now for the epic patience part waiting on these to dry.  Now to enjoy some photos with my lovely combat/weapons expert Lidia, demonstrating the new blades.

My favorite photo, I might play with this one more and make a larger photo print out of it!

Better not be any Dragons around here!

I seriously think my next project that deals with swords.... will be to recast Hrist's blade in Resin and see what kind of results I can achieve with that.

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