Monday, March 3, 2014

Hrist's First Year!

Hard for me to believe it's already been a year since I got Hrist. Or at least her head arrived one year ago. A moment that would set into motion a series of events that would forever change my life in just a year!

Hrist Valkyrie an Aesir of Asgard. This little battle-maiden entered my life during a giant late winter storm. Rain and wind mixed with thunder were quiet an introduction for her arrival to her new home.
Hrist's, not afraid to get her feet dirty, can get quiet into the thick of things when it comes to taking photos. She's definitely not your ordinary Dollfie, that's for sure. How many other dollfies out there do you know of that enjoys riding a real motorcycle and doing random road trips? Being rained on, and having heavy winds wreak even the best of hairstyles! She takes great joy in stormy weather, bringing out a scarcely seen side of her.
Hrist has a tendency to ignore other dollfies, considering the mortals of Midgard to be frivolous and fool-halfhearted. Hrist has actually made friends with a few of the locals, in particular Agatha. Though one can only think perhaps Hrist is eying her as einherjar potential.
Hrist shares a room with Lidia, whom like herself revels in war and battle. Hrist has a great admiration for Lidia and her powers that can almost rival Odin himself. In short, the two get along almost too well.

So here we go with a year of Hrist!

Hrist loves to ride!

Hrist's initial arrival! A DDH-02 head arrived via UPS during a massive storm! What an arrival it was. I figured, I'd just start out with a head... and think about the body later... few hours later I found myself placing an order for Yukino which would become the core body for Hrist. Seems like it was just yesterday!

The outfit that made me get a sewing machine!

Spring - 2013
Hrist's first outfit I made for her, and my first real sewing project.
Thought it would be a simple project but quickly realized how
challenging sewing can be, and how amazingly addictive it can be...

Hrist's renaissance themed gown that I made, a very big sewing endeavor for me. Hrist really did enjoy this outfit a lot, spelunking quite a bit during spring and early summer with it. I really enjoyed making this outfit, minus some flaws, and was my first attempt with sleeve work! Which I still hate sewing in sleeve to this day... 

Summer - 2013
Hrist third outfit I designed and made, inspired from SO3 Lenneth's outfit. This thing turned out like shit, and I mean seriously, it was so bad that it only made this one appearance in photo-shoots. My sewing skills were just not up to par for this project. I might go back and redo it someday... I'm not even sure if I tossed it or chucked it somewhere randomly. Project 3 was a fail for me.

Fall - 2013
My Steampunk/Victorian/Gothic themed outfit for Hrist. Currently my favorite gown. Designed this for the Halloween dollfie meet, and has become Hrist's current staple outfit. Lots of new methods to sewing was learned here for me, especially in the pattern design process, it was the first chance I got to really test out a new pattern making method I've been working to evolve over time.

Right before the giant downpour.

What new adventures awaits Hrist in the coming year? What other milestones will she obtain?
Here's to hopefully another successful year of fun, and crafting goodness!

 Hrist and I thank everyone who's been supportive over this year, with ideas, and feedback!!! Sometimes it's hard to imagine there's even any interest out there for the crazy stuff I do with these projects and what not.

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