Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Obitsu Test Outfit

I was working on a side project for my friend Ruko, who has an Obitsu without any clothing...or name... (yeah, one of 'those' kind of owners) X_X Using a few images he took I was able to complete a make-shift test pattern to see how close and accurate this procedure would be.

Had to simplify the pattern so he could read it easily.

Surprisingly it turned out pretty dead on, minus for some alterations I need to make in the arm/torso area, everything else was as should be. Not sure if I'll have time to design up anything for him to test it out further as his taste is cloths differs greatly from mine. But perhaps something to fool around with.

Photo Ruko took for me.
Ruko's quick sewing in action and on his obitsu.

Ruko does sewing on rare occasions, and was able to make this quickly basted rough demo of the pattern I made for him so I could see how well it actually fit. As mentioned above, it fit pretty dead on...

Still working on finishing up Hrist's new outfit, it's so close, just need to find some time to finish those last details up X_X Hopefully soon!

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