Sunday, February 23, 2014

Arizona Matsuri 2014

What an exciting weekend!  Martsuri Festival 2014! This year I was lucky enough to be able to go both days. Hrist had a wonderful time too. I'm starting to think she might enjoy a bit of the spotlight from now and then. But it's better she gets the attention then Lenneth. ;)

Hrist with her usual suspects. Reminded me of school group photo.
Taiko Drums! This group was amazing! Loved their performance! Hope they're back for next years!
A very beautiful Kiki! And what's that? Theres Jiji! :O  

Homura! Very nicely done cosplay.

Loved this outfit, so did Hrist!


Lots of cosplayers this year! Some good, some, well.. not so. I think it's always important to pick out a character that fits the cosplayer most, but to each their own right? :) Always nice to see how much hard work people put into the making of outfits and stuff. always amazing. I'm still impressed with the Kiki I saw this year! Definitely was probably my personal favorite. Real nice girl too.  Ok Somo back down out of the clouds now! Homura was pretty cool too.  Wound up actually chasing her down a bit just to get her photo! Luckly wound up in an amazingly lite area by the sun and natural lighting, right near the dollmeet from earlier in the day! What are the odds ;) Strangely enough Day 2 started out with me bumping into that Kyoko.
Miku, lost track of Miku sightings, and Titain stuff... wow, everyone must be on the bandwagon for that one... all over the place.

A very dramatic Hirst with signature pose.

Hrist loves old style buildings!

Hrist near the insanely long food lines.
 Hrist had quiet a number of people come up to her and talk to her, some even wanted her autograph! She had a small pack of people follow her around for a bit, in-between photos, they'd watch.
One little girl started to get to close, and I put on my most dramatic Rarity impression "Back, ,back I say! No body move! And this gown won't get ruined!" as Hrist made a hasty exit. 

Day 2 Mostly BJD's that showed up.

The BJD's were quiet interesting. Hrist thought so too... just when she thought the regular Dollfies were weird and strange... Enter BJD's..... we're talk'n a whole different world of strange here Hrist. Everyone seemed to be having a great time though. Lots of interesting stories and info sharing.
It was nice to hear some nice comments about the outfits I've made too.

One of the locals watching the dollmeet.

Hrist's body guards. Don't mess around with them!
 Hrist will turn them into Valhalla's finest einherjar yet! Might take a bit of work though :X Charlotte was rather clumsy during this meet. Forgot how many times she tripped. Definitely wasn't her day. :X

Hrist's new album! :P

The Iaido demonstrations were pretty cool. I liked that this year, they had a rather documentary style commentation for the whole show, rather then just dive right into a few moves, that leave you scratching your head wondering.... hmm, what did I just see? Did they really just do that?  o_O
So a big plus for how this years group did their demonstration.

Figures and more figures! Day 1 went by without a hitch! Saw some figures that caught my eye, but had the will power to walk away with money still in my pocket. Day 2.... didn't go so well. some how a small figure of Saten caught my eye. $5.... damn, can't beat that... >_> it's only $5 Somo! Let's do this! Then... something else caught my eyes. Wang... wtf! Noooooooooooooooo -_- must buy! "I'll take.... BOTH these! D:< "  so I wound up buying both -_- I'll hopefully have some photos to post of them later on. Sure glad I brought limited funds or I'd probably have bought the Homura figure as well.

In other news...
Crafting should get back to normal on Hrist's new outfit. Still need to make patterns for her vest. and finish the tunic... and that chainmail... ugh don't even want to think about that crap. Was getting somewhere only to find out I had a few flipped links... I might just say F this chainmail. And quiet possible half ass it big time. not sure yet :S

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