Monday, February 17, 2014

Hrist's Casual Outfit V

Yet more work done on Hrist's new outfit! I managed to get around to starting on and finishing her leather belt up all in just one day! :D The belts for her pants. I might make some additional belts for another idea I had during concept, not sure if I will though or not.

Genuine Leather underside.
I love the smell of leather! Makes working on it rather enjoyable over the scent of some fabrics >_<

Ah, the joys of organized chaos!
Belt turned out to be a real simple project, just assimilated what i learned from Lidia's leather belt and actually had a legit buckle to use that didn't need to be printed! Woo!  So much work still left to do though. Finishing up the tunic which will be a tedious part, I need to still start on the chain-mail for it that drapes as well X_X Hope this gives it that extra punch I'm looking for.

Bat cape! Nope, it's just the liner for the tunic! >_>;
Sewing up the main bulk of the tunic's been rather easy without to many flaws :S nothing major to make me want to smash it into the sewing machine at least. Maybe it's level-up time with this part! Or some serious luck. :X for once... >_>

And lastly... my secret project I did for someone. It actually extends from the button.
1/3 scale!
Congrats if anyone knows what it actually is! ;)

Now... to get back to making chain-mail links.... :(

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