Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chainmail Hell

Phew.... working on up-link #3 or what ever it's called >_> No clue, don't even know if I should care at this point for a proper name, as it's ticking me off something crazy right now! :P Nothing worse then finding a botched link after you've put in several, these links are 7mm. So they're small, for me, with my big'ol hands that like to fumble rings around like crazy. Not exactly the most fun learning project yet. And I'm debating upon even finishing this side up I need two sides -_- so not sure it's worth it or if this will become an epic back-burner project >_> remains to be seen for now. Had to vent before something went flying :P


Where's I'm almost currently at. 3 up and roughly 28 wide.

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