Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hrist's Casual Outfit II

You know when you get so involved in a project that you totally forget about everything else in life? Like updating blog with information and such? X_X Sadly, that's what has happened in the last few days or more >_>; Hopefully I'll have time to post some photos eventually of what is going on at the moment. Pattern making and pants proto-type have been underway! Pants are nearly complete, I need to start working on belts and straps for them. I am super tempted to add some kind of gold trim to this but I'm not sure yet. haha It is Hrist's signature clothing mark, it wouldn't seem right to skip out on it ;) But I'll see how it goes in the end. I do want to eventually make her Leone version pants. I got the purple material for that. But that's jumping the gun on another project >_>;
Blouse work will be starting tomorrow, I'm not even going to test out the pattern to make sure it fits X_X kind of rushing this project a bit, and am pretty confidant that it'll work out ok... I hope :S

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